This text covers the Terms and Conditions of the website of IGTAKE LTD.

All services sold through our website are under the Eligible Followers guarantee.

Eligible Follower will provide the promised services upon the customer's request.

Upon acceptance of the offer and signing of the contract, the customer accepts and undertakes to pay in cash the service fee agreed upon by the parties.

The customer accepts and undertakes the accuracy of the personal information and contact information submitted. The accuracy of the social media addresses, personal information and contact information sent by the customer is the responsibility of the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damage or loss that may arise from these issues.

If the Eligible Follower cannot provide the promised services to the customer, he/she is obliged to refund the customer's transaction.

Your order can be activated after your payment is confirmed within the day.

The privacy rules on this page have been created to determine the confidentiality limits of your purchases and the personal information you provide.

The privacy policy applies to all sections starting with Customer personal or delivery information is never shared with third parties.

When you shop on, your personal and delivery information is stored by us and is never shared with third parties.